Directed by Jay Oliva (of “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” fame), “Justice League Dark” features DCU’s supernatural superheroes such as John Constantine, Deadman, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Demon.

The animated film will hit Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital in early 2017.

Source: Coming Soon
Source: Coming Soon

“Justice League Dark” made their debut when DC Comics began The New 52 publishing initiative in 2011. Created by Peter Milligan, the series opens with Enchantress’ defeat of the Justice League, leading to the necessity of a more supernatural team to assist in these events.


The new trailer sees the world being attacked by supernatural forces, prompting Justice League’s Batman (voiced by Jason O’Mara) to seek aid from John Constantine (voiced by Matt Ryan). Constantine then forms a team of other supernatural superheroes to help save the world.

Watch the trailer below:

Like it’s predecessor “Batman: The Killing Joke”, “Justice League Dark” is also rated “R” due to “some disturbing violence”, as IGN puts it.

The film also stars Camilla Luddington (of “Tomb Raider” fame) as Zatanna, Nicholas Turturro as Deadman, Ray Chase as Jason Blood/Etrigan, and Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman.

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Sources: IGN, Coming Soon.

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