Try as we might, we can’t shake off the sadness that came when the “Running Man” team announced that Gary was leaving the show.

And we’re sure that we’re not the only dejected ones, as Gary’s fellow hosts, “Running Man”‘s staff members, and those who have worked with him would be feeling a lot more disheartened than us. Gary’s last episode of “Running Man” might just be the saddest episode for everyone, but at least the producers have made sure that it will be a special one.

Source: Hwanjine's Instagram
Source: Hwanjine’s Instagram

A broadcasting industry source has revealed that the upcoming episode will be without guests, as rather than invite a random celebrity who may not feel for the show or cast members, “it will be a time for just the members to be together”.


The insider continued, “All the members have been together since the 1st year, but now one is leaving. Since it is impossible to make a clean break with a long-time member like Gary, the missions for the final episode will be as messy and difficult as our feelings. Therefore, the episode is called ‘The Messy Episode’.

It has been 7 years since “Running Man” started its first broadcast, and according to calculations, the members have run a total combined distance of 77,000 km. As such, the producers decided that most of Gary’s final missions will be related to the number “77,000”.

The other members will also be preparing surprises for Gary during each mission, and the source admitted that it was their “1st time seeing Gary cry like that”. However, he won’t be the only member crying, as still images released showed that Jihyo was on the verge of tearing too.

Watch Gary’s message to all fans before his imminent departure:

It might be farewell for now, but we sincerely hope that Gary would come back as a guest in the future!

Gary’s last episode will be broadcasted on 6th November (Sunday).

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