On 28th October, Plaza Merdeka shopping mall in Kuching set the “Malaysia Book of Records” for “The Biggest Bowl of Laksa Sarawak” for the launching of its food hall.

After the attempt, it was reported that the mall had decided to throw the giant dish away because it was “unhealthy for human consumption”.

Source: MMO
Source: MMO

Upon hearing the news, netizens slammed the mall, the event’s organiser, and its guests of honour, including local celebrity chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail aka Chef Wan. In response to netizens, Chef Wan took to Instagram to write a lengthy note, explaining that the laksa’s kuah bersantan (soup containing coconut milk) turned rancid and that’s why the laksa has to be thrown away.


“Malaysians are quick at judging and forming their own opinions on any issues these days I noticed,” said the chef, before adding that people like to find fault in others without finding out the real problem.

He continued, “Its a disgusting attitude a true reflection of a rude society as if we don’t have our parents to teach us! (…) Totally a waste of time to entertain them as I will not put myself at their level. Walk away and have a peaceful mind lagi la baik (better) for my soul!”

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Morning.This morning i got a write up from BP online from the GM Mr Cheah of the Plaza Merdeka saying that when they put together the Laksa in the giant bowl the Gravy of the Laksa has been contaminated.Since they cannot already feed to the shoppers it has to be thrown and a replacement of 1500 packets was given yesterday to the shoppers. They also told me as there 2 main caterers assigned to prepare all this macam2 boleh jadi behind the scene why kuah bersantan itu cepat turn rancid. Afterall they are dealing with Coconut milk pun. So the management in their statement said a mistake has been make so we should stop pointing fingers and judging them by saying all that nasty things not knowing the reasons why the kuah menjadi basi! Actually cases begini di majlis orang2 kawin pun bila tukang2 masak tak handle food or ingredients sering makanan itu menjadi rosak dan basi. When they find out the last minute instead of throwing the food they boil them balik and feed them to the guests ignoring that the food has been contaminated and that eventually caused major food poison to the guests. These occurred oftened and u do read them in the papers. So if they decide not to give after the event that is wise rather than making the public sick. Malaysian are quick at judging and forming their own opinions on any issues these days i noticed. Some mulut tu busuk mengalah kan longkang di tepi jalan serta kurang ajar memberi coments out there ikut sedap mulut mereka. Asyik nak cari kesilapan orang lain tanpa tahu cerita sebenarnya hujung dan pangkal. Terus bersangka buruk dan menyebar kan fitnah sana sini. Its a disgusting attitude a true reflection of a society yg kurang adab mcm mak bapak kita ni tak mengajar kita dari kecil! Jika saya jenis mereka ini dah lama saya carut kan seorang2 tu kasi kan kepada mereka2 a slap on their face sebab tak tahu malu. Padahal apa yg di coment some of them tu is totally inmatured at time nampak sangat kebodohan diri sendiri. Tak pe la.Instead i choose to just laugh and walk away. Totally a waste of time to entertain them as i will not put myself at their level. Walk away and have a peaceful mind lagi la baik for my soul!

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In an earlier Instagram post, the well-known cook mentioned that he didn’t cook the laksa and was not aware that the organisers had decided to throw away the contaminated food.

According to various media reports, the record-breaking bowl of noodles took 18 hours to make and it was equivalent to 1,500 bowls of Laksa Sarawak, containing 100kg of laksa paste, 225kg of rice noodles, 90kg of prawns, 1,008 eggs, 90kg of bean sprouts, and 80kg of chicken. The event was certified by “Malaysia Book of Records” deputy general manager Mohamad Alex Edward and witnessed by State Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian.

What do you think about Chef Wan’s reply? Do you think that the organisers did the right thing by throwing away the spoiled food? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Sources: MMO, Malaysiakini, The Borneo Post, Chef Wan’s Instagram.


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