Are you ready for new music from K-Pop’s “monster rookie” group?

South Korean entertainment powerhouse YG Entertainment’s rookie K-Pop idol girl group, BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) , may have just made their long-awaited entry into the music scene last month, but they’re already gearing up for a comeback!

Source: YG Entertainment
Source: YG Entertainment

For those who are not in the know, BLACKPINK is YG Entertainment’s first girl group since the debut of 2NE1 in 2009. The group comprises of members Park Chae Young (박채영) aka Rosé, Jennie Kim (김제니), Lalisa Manoban aka Lisa, and Kim Jisoo (김지수).


On 30th August, a YG Entertainment insider revealed that the group is scheduled to release 2 more songs, and that the filming for 1 of the music videos has wrapped. However, little was said about when fans can expect more content from the group – until this morning, in a surprise “Oopsiedaisy!” moment.

Yang Hyun Suk BLACKPINK Comeback

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk let slip on his Twitter that BLACKPINK is the agency’s upcoming “Who’s Next” artiste to release new material.

Now, we’re not sure if it was by accident or accidentally-on-purpose because the original tweet (as seen in the screenshot above) was deleted and reposted only after YG Entertainment’s official Twitter made the announcement. But hey, we ain’t complainin’ 😉

UPDATE (25th October, 11:50am):

The marketing game for BLACKPINK’s #SQUARETWO has finally begun!

Earlier today, YG Entertainment dropped 2 individual teaser images of Jennie and Lisa. It was also revealed that the group’s comeback track is “Playing With Fire”.

Source: BLACKPINK's Facebook
Source: BLACKPINK’s Facebook

UPDATE (26th October, 10:10am):

The latest teaser photos have been released!

This time, it features members Jisoo and Rosé looking sultry and mellow.



UPDATE (27th October, 9:45am):

As if previous teasers weren’t enough, YG Entertainment has dropped a couple more aesthetically pleasing teasers 🙂

Unlike the first 4 photos, these new images were shot in a pastel effect and the girls can be seen wearing casual clothing. We don’t know about you, but we totally dig Lisa’s look in that sleek leather jacket.

See the group’s new look in the gallery below:

UPDATE (28th October, 12pm):

New teaser photos alert!

BLACKPINK fans, how excited are you for the idol group’s comeback? We don’t know about you but these new promo images that were shot in red/orange-ish fliters are super pretty 🙂

What do you think their concept will be like for #SQUARETWO? Or rather, what do you hope to see from BLACKPINK come 1st November 2016?

For more information on BLACKPINK, visit their official Facebook page.

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