After a 3-year wait, SISTAR’s Hyorin is finally coming back with another solo album.

On 5th October, an insider revealed that the singer is going to make her solo comeback, and true to their words, Starship Entertainment has released a teaser image confirming the news!

Source: SISTAR's official Facebook page
Source: SISTAR’s official Facebook page

The black and white image, which was posted on SISTAR’s social media pages yesterday (Tuesday, 11th October) evening, revealed the comeback schedule of the idol. It seems like the “One Way Love” singer will be working with Illionaire rapper Dok2 and AOMG artiste Jay Park on her upcoming album.


While the title of the track has yet to be revealed, the Dok2 track is scheduled to drop on 26th October while the Jay Park collaboration will be made public on 1st November. Hyorin’s 2nd album will then be unveiled on 8th November.

A representative from hip-hop group Far East Movement (FEM) has also revealed that Hyorin will be featured in their yet-to-be titled album. It remains to be seen if the same track will be included in Hyorin’s album.

Source: SISTAR's Facebook page
Source: SISTAR’s Facebook page

If her previous solo tracks are anything to go by, we’re sure that her upcoming efforts would be awesome 🙂

What kind of concept do you think Hyorin will be approaching this time round? Tell us what you think in the comments box below!

For more info, visit SISTAR’s official website and Facebook page. Also, don’t forget to stalk Hyorin on her Instagram for updates on her life!

Source: Yonhap News.

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