It is a known fact the K-Pop industry is one of the most competitive (if not the most competitive) music industries in Asia. Many entertainment companies take in hundreds of trainees each year through various platforms such as auditions, talent competitions, and scouting.

But since YG Entertainment started “WIN: Who is Next” in 2013, Mnet’s trainee survival programmes have become a popular and secure way to form an idol group. This includes Cube Entertainment’s online reality show, “Pentagon Maker” (펜타곤메이커), which ended in July.

Source: All Kpop
Source: All Kpop

The new group, PENTAGON (펜타곤), is made up of 10 members and some of them were former trainees of other major entertainment agencies such as YG, SM, and JYP. After months of waiting, the boys will finally make their debut in October!


But before that, let’s meet the talented boys who will dominate the K-Pop industry with their talents and good looks:

1. Jung Woo Seok (정우석)

Source: PENTAGON's Facebook page
Source: PENTAGON’s Facebook page

Though 18-year-old Jung Woo Seok is the group’s maknae (youngest member), he is the tallest member (188 cm). The good-natured rookie is known for being a major spicy food lover and a “Starcraft” player. In “Pentagon Maker”, he managed to showcase his skills as a powerful rapper, making him one of PENTAGON’s main rappers.

2. Kino (키노)

Source: PENTAGON’s Facebook page

Kang Hyung Gu, or better known by his stage name Kino, is only a few days older than Woo Seok and he is someone who likes to “aegyo” (acting in a cute manner). The 18-year-old singer is popular for his vast dance styles, earning him the nickname “Dance Master”. He was also featured in his senior G.NA’s “Secret” (2014) music video alongside Yeo One.

3. Yuto (유토)

Source: PENTAGON’s Facebook page

Being a former JYP trainee prior to the show, fans and judges have exceptionally high expectations for Yuto, also known as Adachi Uto. Though he was always ranked poorly in the beginning, his hard work and dedication eventually paid off when he became a confirmed member of PENTAGON. Yuto is the group’s only Japanese member and he likes to play soccer.

4. Yan An (옌안)

Yan An
Source: PENTAGON’s Facebook page

Known for his lily-white skin and innocent nature, 20-year-old Yan An (閆桉) is from Shanghai, China and is the one of the group’s main vocalists. At first, Yan An did not make it on the team, but after much consideration, Cube decided to include him into PENTAGON in the end.

5. Yeo One (여원)

Yeo One
Source: PENTAGON’s Facebook page

Yeo One’s birth name is Yeo Chang Gu (여창구) and before joining “Pentagon Maker”, he appeared in B2ST’s Dongwoon’s “KIMISHIKA” music video, modelled with HyunA for CLRIDE.n (a South Korean clothing brand), and participated in the 2014 Rainbow Concert along with Kino and Hui. The vocalist is currently studying Mandarin and acting.

6. Go Shin Won (고신원)

Shin Won
Source: PENTAGON’s Facebook page

Go Shin Won was one of the boys who received criticism for being unable to keep up with his peers and he was ranked bottom throughout the show. Like Yan An, Cube also decided to add him to the group at the last minute. The 21-year-old rookie was casted as a street model for LEFAS (a South Korean webzine) and has worked part-time at BWCW (Boy Who Cried Wolf), an EXO-centric pop-up store.

7. E’Dawn

E Dawn
Source: PENTAGON’s Facebook page

Arguably the most talented member of PENTAGON, E’Dawn, real name Kim Hyo Jong (김효종), initially auditioned for JYP in 2012. Skilled in rap, dance, and songwriting, the young hip hop enthusiast took part in several of HyunA’s “Roll Deep” performances, replacing his senior, BtoB’s Ilhoon. He also appeared in veteran singer Rain’s 2014 album, “Rain Effect”.

8. Yang Hong Seok (양홍석)

Hong Seok
Source: PENTAGON’s Facebook page

Many of you may know Hong Seok as one of the contestants on YG’s idol survival show “Mix & Match” in 2015. The former YG trainee did not manage to debut through iKON, but he stood out in “Pentagon Maker”, making him one of the highest-ranking rookies in the show. He also speaks both Mandarin and English.

9. Hui (후이, Leader)

Source: PENTAGON’s Facebook page

As leader of the group, Lee Hwi Taek (이회택), also known as Hui, is an all-rounder as he is skilled in singing, dancing, and piano. Although he was slammed for lacking in the looks department, he impressed the viewers with his vocal skills when he successfully hit all the high notes in IU’s “Good Day”.

10. Cho Jin Ho (조진호)

Source: PENTAGON’s Facebook page

Before his appearance in “Pentagon Maker”, Cho Jin Ho already gained much attention as a SM trainee. The 24-year-old rookie is the oldest member of the group and he has participated in “SM The Ballad Vol. 1 – Miss You” (너무 그리워) 6 years ago.

On a side note, a mini-album titled “Gorilla” is set to be released on 10th October and the it will consist of 7 songs including “Wake Up”, “Pentagon”, “Gorilla” (title track), “Lukewarm”, “Smile”, “Block My Ears”, and “You Are”.

Check out their pre-debut music video for “Young” below:

Who are your favourite members? Do you think PENTAGON will stand out or will they be just another typical K-Pop idol group? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below! ?

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