It seems like it’s the season for comebacks!

Red Velvet, APINK, and GOT7 each released an album recently, and now, SM Entertainment has announced that SHINee will be making a comeback.

Source: SM Entertainment
Source: SM Entertainment

In anticipation for their album release, SM Entertainment has dropped a teaser image and a comeback schedule. They have also made public the official Instagram account for the 8-year-old group yesterday (Monday, 26th September).


The teaser image shows the logo “1 of 1 SHINee” in the middle of an Internet Explorer page, with a search bar with the names of the members and the words “2016.09.27 09:00am” below.

As expected, SM Entertainment then released a comeback schedule at the aforementioned time. The schedule was titled “5HINee FM”, and revealed that starting today (Tuesday, 27th September), the members of SHINee will be introducing their new album through a segment named “SHINee’s Pick!”. Teaser images or short teaser will be released via their Instagram account.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go follow their Instagram account at @shinee.1of1!

Source: SM Entertainment
Source: SM Entertainment

UPDATE (28th September, 12am):

SHINee has released their first audio teaser!

Made public on Tuesday (28th September) night at 11pm on their Instagram account, the audio teaser features Onew emceeing a faux radio segment, “SHINee’s Pick!”. The leader of SHINee took the chance to introduce one of the tracks from their upcoming album, “Don’t Let Me Go (투명 우산)”.

As the Korean title literally translates to “Transparent Umbrella”, Onew talks about how it feels like to watch the rain pattering away through a transparent umbrella, and even told listeners that this would be the perfect song to listen to during rainy days. After the introduction ended, a snippet of the song was played, giving us the first listen of the song.



2 photo teasers were also released at the same time, one being a group photo and the other an enormous collage of Taemin.


UPDATE (29th September, 4:10pm):

SHINee is back with another audio teaser, and this time, they’re introducing another track off their album, “Prism”.

As Jonghyun took part in the composing of the song, he was in charge of the introduction. Before a short snippet of the song was played, he explained that the song was written with the members’ characteristics in mind.


Additional teaser photos were also released.


UPDATE (29th September, 5:30pm):

The 3rd episode of “SHINee’s Pick!” has arrived and this time, SHINee introduces the song “Shift”.

In the clip released yesterday (Thursday, 29th September) night, Taemin took over as the emcee and talked to Shawols regarding the new track. He explained that the song is a “great fit” for the group and is also a track which he likes a lot.


SHINee’s Pick! 「이 노래 어때?」 ‘Shift’ from 태민 SHINee’s Pick! 「How’s This Song?」 ‘Shift’ from TaeMin

A video posted by SHINee Official Instagram (@shinee.1of1) on

The new track will drop on 5th October, alongside their 5th full album.

We honestly can’t wait!

For more info, visit SHINee’s official website and Facebook page.

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