Armies, be prepared! In less than 2 weeks’ time, you’ll be able to see your boys back in action 😉

Big Hit Entertainment has released a comeback trailer for Bangtan Boys (BTS)’s upcoming album release. They have also confirmed that the idol group will indeed be releasing their album on 10th October.

Source: Big Hit Entertainment
Source: Big Hit Entertainment

The album will be titled “Wings”, and it is BTS’ 2nd full album since their debut in 2013. In a fan cafe post, Big Hit Entertainment revealed the release date of the album, and explained that pre-orders will begin on 28th September (Wednesday).


A few hours later, the company released a comeback trailer, titled “Boy Meets Evil”. It features rapper J-Hope free-styling, and he shows off some powerful, sharp, and touching dance moves in the 3-minute clip. J-Hope can also be heard rapping, while an unidentified vocal repeats the line “too bad, it’s too sweet” a few times during the video.

Fans are debating on whether the soft and pleasant voice belongs to J-Hope or Jungkook, but we’ll let you decide. Enjoy:

BTS previously surprised fans when they released a short video featuring Jungkook on 4th September. They then revealed that the short videos were teasers for “Wings”, and subsequently released 6 more videos, each one highlighting a different member.

For more info, visit BTS’ official website and Facebook page.

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