Nana Komatsu and BIGBANG leader G-Dragon were rumoured to be dating since early this year, and from then on, there has been an abundance of photos and “evidences” linking them together – the latest being G-Dragon’s leaked photos from his private Instagram account.

But it seems like there’s more than meets the eye.

Nana is now reportedly being linked to Japanese actor Masaki Suda, whom Japanese media say is the actress’ romantic interest.


nana komatsu g-dragon masaki suda

Although no concrete evidence has been pushed forward, various media outlets are claiming that the 2 Japanese got close to each other while working for the movie “Drowning Love” and started dating.

Livedoor News also stated that the 2 have not publicly admitted their relationship, but is already a well-known couple in the industry. Another news outlet reporter also claimed that Nana and Masaki were indeed dating, stating, “I did stake outs several times to report on Nana Komatsu and Masaki Suda.

As such, many Japanese fans were taken aback when the media reported that Nana and G-Dragon were a couple.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

Fans also threw in the possibility that Nana was two-timing, as the period when she filmed the movie and when she was photographed with G-Dragon overlapped.

We are not sure what’s the truth here, but until hard evidence is presented, we ask fans to not jump to conclusions. More importantly, we plead with fans to remain civil and not harass the parties involved no matter the circumstances.

Source: soompi, allkpop.

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