Was this a case of fake marketing? Or was it just pure misunderstanding?

Fans saw Marshmello made an appearance at Ce La Vi Singapore for Ultra Singapore’s after-party on Saturday (10th September), but in a twist of events, the DJ has denied ever stepping foot in the club that night.

Source: Rave Jungle
Source: Rave Jungle

DJ Jade Rasif, who is a resident DJ of the club, called out Zouk for allegedly hiring an impostor to don the costume.


In an Instagram post, which has since been deleted, she exclaimed:

I know my job/residency is on the line (…) but how could you allowed (sic) a fake DJ Marshmello to perform at your console? How do I know? After Ultra, Marshmello himself said he wasn’t there.

You cheated your audience, all the people who uploaded pictures with him thinking he was real. All the people who came to support you guys, you lied to. Integrity guys. Integrity.

Her post was seen by Marshmello, who took it to himself to retweet it on Twitter along with the caption, “Super wack that you guys hired an imposter to perform as marshmello @zouksingapore respect @djjaderasif

While it is true that someone dressed in a Marshmello outfit did enter the scene, it seems like the resident DJ and Marshmello has been mistaken, as the “imposter” never did helm the deck.


Zouk Singapore also released a statement on their Facebook page yesterday (Wednesday, 14th September), stating:

On 10th Sep 2016, there was a guest dressed up in a mascot outfit similar to DJ Marshmello’s that visited Zouk. We would like to take the opportunity to clarify that he was not hired by Zouk Singapore as a mascot or to DJ and we apologise for any confusion caused. We have always encouraged our guests to be creative and fun-loving, and it was never our intention to mislead guests at the club or be disrespectful.

As part of our communications, Zouk has always issued official announcements in the lead up to performances of guest artiste that we have hired. We would like to give the assurance to all our guests that Zouk has valued and will continue to value the importance of respecting the industry, our fellow artiste, customers, and their interests.

Source: EDM Sauce
Source: EDM Sauce

While Zouk Singapore’s clearly explained that it was a misunderstanding, there’s still a lot of non-believers who are sceptical of the club’s version of the event.

Do you think it was purely a misunderstanding? Or do you think it was all a deliberate set-up?

Sources: Billboard, Straits Times, Zouk Singapore.

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