Malaysians are a talented bunch.

Just recently, our sportsmen and women brought pride to our country in the Olympics, and now, our local comedians are prepared to represent the country in Laugh Factory’s “Funniest Person In The World” contest.


In the running for the title are local funnymen Harith Iskander and Jason Leong, both whom have made names for themselves in the local and regional comedic industry. A total of 89 comedians from over 50 countries are nominated, but only 20 comedians will advance to the next round.


As of time of writing, Iskander has the highest score with 442,162 points while Leong is following close behind with 431,106 points. Ranked 3rd is Filipino comedian Alex Calleja, who has racked in a total of 223,330 points so far.

Source: KY Speaks
Source: KY Speaks

However, there’s a catch: in the semifinals, each country will be allowed only 1 representative. This means that even if Iskander and Leong both rank in the top 20, only one of them (the one with the higher score) will be allowed into the 2nd round.

In Round 2, the top 20 will be sent to perform in Helsinki, Finland, in front of a panel of experts and celebrities. The competition will be held on 4th and 5th December, and the top 5 will proceed to the finals. At the end of the competition, the comedian who ranks 1st will be awarded a prize of US$100,000; the 2nd with US$10,000; the 3rd with US$5,000.

Source: Jane Quak's Blog
Source: Jane Quak’s Blog

You can vote for your favourite comedian here. Voting closes on 2nd October.

For more info, visit Laugh Factory’s official website and Facebook page.

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