What would you do if you discovered that you had the entire plane all to yourself?

Carrie Fisher and her partner Kyle McNicol, both 28, were pleasantly surprised to find out that they were the only 2 passengers onboard a plane last week, while traveling from Krabi, Thailand, to Penang in Malaysia.

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The couple from Yorkshire, England had booked their flights via low cost commercial airline Firefly, a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, not knowing that they were about to experience a rare opportunity to enjoy a “private jet”, because no one else had booked onto it.

Both Carrie and Kyle were initially confused and had a sneaky suspicion that something was up when the check-in desk told them that it was going to be a “very special flight”. Even the custom staffs on duty started laughing and said, “Oh, just you 2“. It was only when they boarded the bus that chauffeured them to their plane that they realised they were flying solo.

The cabin crew felt just as awkward as we did to start with, it was the first time that it happened to them too. We asked where we could sit and were told we could sit anywhere, run up and down, just don’t jump, which is why Kyle broke into his signature move, the slug,” Carrie was quote as saying.

Taking full advantage of their lucky situation, the duo decided to seat hop around the carrier and even bust some quirky dance moves down the aisle. You can check out their airplane experience in Carrie’s Instagram video clip below:


Sadly, the VIP treatment was cut short because they landed in Penang 1 hour and 10 minutes later. Nevertheless, we’re quite certain the couple will remember this rare experience for a very long time.

We learned that Carrie and Kyle have been traveling around Asia for the past 5 months, including Japan, China and Vietnam. You can follow their traveling adventures on Carrie’s personal blog here.

Sources: Metro, Express.

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