SM Station has released their 28th track and this time, SNSD Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and Yuri are the ones showing off their vocal prowess.

The track, titled “Secret”, is a collaboration between SM Entertainment and Pantene. The digital single was released at 11pm Malaysian time last night (Thursday, 18th August).

Source: SM Entertainment
Source: SM Entertainment

As the 2 girls are the brand ambassadors for hair care company Pantene, it is only natural for them to headline the music video and song. The track will also be used for Pantene’s television advertisements.


The music video for “Secret”, an EDM-infused dance track with strong beats, portrays Yuri and Seohyun as sultry and confident ladies who sing about their “little secret”. As this is an ad for a shampoo company, glorious hair flips to show off their flawless hair are a must 😉

Watch the music video here:

This is not the first time that SM Entertainment has collaborated with a company for advertising purposes. In previous SM Station releases, f(x)’s Luna and Amber performed “Wave” for electronic store ElectroMart while NCT 127 sang the Korean version of Coca-Cola’s global campaign theme song, “Taste The Feeling“.

SM Station is SM Entertainment’s digital music platform designed to released 1 track per week for 52 weeks. The project, which started on 3rd February, aims to showcase the musical capabilities of a different artiste every week, including artistes from within SM Entertainment and also other music labels.

For more info, visit SNSD Girls’ Generation Facebook page and SM Station’s Instagram.

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