Pokémon fever is hot, hot, hot!

Sunway Pyramid has announced that they will be activating Pokémon GO Lure Modules starting today (9th August) till the end of next week!

So what is a Lure Module exactly? Well, it is an item used to attract Pokémon and it is placed at Pokéstops, which is an effective way to lure Pokémon to trainers.


The mall will be placing Lure Modules at several stores such as Auntie Anne’s, Guess, FF, Burger King, Bowling Pin, Marakesh, Asisan Avenue, and Pepper Lunch. Besides that, those who visit the mall in their best Pokémon GO costume this Saturday (13th August) will be able to win a mystery gift.

The schedule is as follows:

Source: Sunway Pyramid's Facebok page
Source: Sunway Pyramid’s Facebok page

On the other hand, Pavilion has also launched their very own Pokémon GO event. The mall management will place “hundreds of lures” at certain areas within the mall and RM30 Dining Loft vouchers will be given out to those who follow their Pokémon hunting trail.

The event began on Monday (8th August) and it ends on Sunday (14th August).

For more information, visit Sunway Pyramid’s Instagram and Facebook as well as Pavilion’s official website.

Sources: Sunway Pyramid’s Facebook, Pavilion’s Facebook.

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