So DC fans recently launched a “Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes” petition with the intent of shutting down Rotten Tomatoes, a film reviews aggregator. The petition came after “Suicide Squad”, the latest addition to the DCEU (DC Extensive Universe), was rated only 31% on the website.

The creator of the petition and fellow DC fan, Abdullah Coldwater, claimed that the site gave “unjust bad reviews” that “affects people’s opinion even if it’s a really great movie”.


But as the petition gained more and more traction, Coldwater posted up an announcement, saying that he didn’t mean for it to be taken “that serious”. As at time of writing, the petition was signed by over 17,600 supporters.


He wrote:

“In fact I started this petition to gather DC fans to express our anger just for fun. I didn’t mean it to be taken that serious. After thinking. I found that this petition is pointless. And the only thing that it does is spreading a speech of hate and online fighting among the supporters and objectors. The movie is something to enjoy. And the hate and fight is the opposite of enjoying.” 

Source: Screen Rant

Despite the negative reviews that the “Worst.Heroes.Ever” are receiving, it’s safe to say that this year’s much-hyped super villain movie will still make it big at the box office.

So who’s going to watch “Suicide Squad”? We know we are 😉 To prepare yourself for “Suicide Squad”, check out our spoiler-free review and some fun facts.

“Suicide Squad” is slated for release on 4th August 2016.

Sources: Vanity Fair, USA Today,

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