If you were one of those EXO-Ls who constantly showered EXO with fan gifts, we have some news for you.

In a fan page entry, EXO‘s Chen told fans that he will not be receiving fan gifts anymore. The singer, who feels guilty for the multitude of gifts, said that he’ll only be “receiving the feelings and intentions” of fans from now on.

Source: Dream Catcher
Source: Dream Catcher

That means that Chen will follow a “no-gift” policy, and fans will only be able to support him through his income via concerts and album sales. That doesn’t mean that you can’t mentally support him, though, as your cheers for him probably mean more than physical gifts.


The kindhearted idol shares the sentiment, as he urged fans to only use their voices to cheer them on in the future. He also said that he feels apologetic to fans, as he was afraid that he would hurt the feelings of some fans if they saw him using certain fan gifts but not theirs.

Source: SM Entertainment

His full post reads:

“Are our EXO-Ls spending a nice summer? I’m well and I’ve been preparing for the concert with the EXO members. There are so many things I’m thankful for because EXO-Ls always cheer us on, lend us strength, and remember our birthdays and anniversaries; but, there is one thing that I’d like to say today.

From now on, I think it’ll be enough just to accept EXO-Ls’ hearts.

You might be disappointed but suddenly, I started to feel sorry about accepting presents from you guys. I want to show everyone that I’m making good use of all the gifts and that I kept them all but that turned out to be not an easy task. I believed that some fans might think that I like someone else’s gifts and not like others’ gifts so that’s why I arrived at this conclusion. I decided this because I know clearly well that I should be thankful for every present you send me and that each gift hold special meaning.

I can feel EXO-Ls’ hearts plenty while I’m on stage, and I can feel it through your voices when you cheer us on. So please don’t feel dejected or hurt and please continue to be a lovable fan.”

Source: SM Entertainment

This comes after SM Entertainment banned their new boy group NCT U from receiving fan gifts earlier last month. SM Entertainment stated that they will “kindly refuse” any sort of gifts, including “food supports” and birthday events.

However, Chen’s decision seems like a personal one, instead of one imposed by the company. We think it’s a sweet gesture on his part, as you don’t really need to spend money on someone to show your love, right?


Source: allkpop.

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