A movie focusing solely on emojis? Yup, you read that right.

The idea for the movie first came around in July last year, and since then, several more details have been released regarding the movie. The latest news to reach us is the casting of T. J. Miller as the voice actor for the titular character of “EmojiMovie: Express Yourself”.

Source: Screen Rant
Source: Screen Rant

Miller will be playing Gene, the main character of the animated movie. The “Deadpool” actor will be “an exuberant, optimistic emoji that was supposed to be a ‘meh’ emoji”, just like his parents.


Unfortunately, a glitch means that he has more than one expression on his face and several emotions run through his face without his control. Although Gene yearns to be a normal emoji with only one expression, he soon finds out that his ability to express himself might not be so bad after all.

Source: The Verge
Source: The Verge

While no solid information have been released regarding the plot, Sony Pictures Animation president, Kristine Belson, gave us a short introduction of Emoji Valley, where the movie will take place in. “Inside your phone, there’s a secret world, and we enter through the text app where we discover Emoji Valley, where the industrious Emoji live and work,” said Belson.

To keep you excited for the movie, Sony Animation also released a spoof video of Miller “auditioning” for his role in the movie.

Watch it here:

Directed by Anthony Leondis, the animated movie is slated for release on 10th August 2017.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, Cinema Online.

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