“Who’s ready for one more f*cking song?!”

It’s summer in the US and Europe and that means that it’s festival season for the electronic dance music industry! For the past few weeks, it has also been Pokémon season, with Pokémon GO steadily taking over the world, culminating in a rare augmented reality insanity.

To that effect, one DJ/producer decided to have a little bit of fun while he was closing out last weekend’s Ultra Europe in Croatia.


Hardwell Pokemon

Ultra Europe is a multi-venue outdoor electronic music festival in Croatia which made its debut as a 2-day festival in 2013 as part of Ultra Music Festival’s worldwide expansion. In 2015, Ultra Europe officially became a part of “Destination Ultra – Croatia Music Week”, an event that spans across 7 days and includes a series of parties e.g. an opening party, the 3-day festival, a yacht regatta, Ultra Beach, and a closing party.

This year’s event saw the likes of Vicetone, W&W, Armin van Buuren, and deadmau5 performing to a sold-out crowd. And at the end of the 3-day electronic dance music extravaganza, Dutch DJ/producer Hardwell (real name Robbert van der Corput) took the stage to close the festival with the theme song for Pokémon!

Ultra Europe 2016 Pokemon

In the video, he can be seen addressing the massive Ultra Europe turnout before hitting play and dropping the track. Simultaneously, the huge projector screens surrounding the trademark Ultra Music Festival (UMF) stage lit up to display the red-and-white Poké Balls (a type of item used for catching and storing Pokémon).

We’re not sure if he had intended to troll the crowd but what’s even more surprising is that Hardwell knew all the words!

“Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all
Its you and me
I know it’s my destiny
Pokemon, oh, you’re my best friend
In a world we must defend”

If you’ve never ever in your wildest dreams thought that you’d see tens of thousands of people, Hardwell including, rocking out to the Pokémon theme song, check out the video below:


Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for Pokémon GO to arrive in Malaysia (let the insanity begin!) but to tide you over, check out some of the funniest Pokémon GO memes on the interwebs.

Source: Hardwell’s Twitter.

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