McDonald’s McDelivery service will go fully online beginning today (Friday, 1st July 2016).

This means that you will now have to make your favourite McDonald’s McDelivery orders via or simply by downloading the McDelivery mobile application from Google Play or App Store.

McDonald's McDelivery Malaysia


Upon the announcement, McDonald’s Malaysia’s Managing Director Azmir Jaafar said, “At McDonald’s, we are committed to enriching customer experience and we are excited to do so by moving towards 100% McDelivery online service in Malaysia. The introduction is timely with more and more Malaysians going online for a variety of services including getting their favourite food and drinks. We are now prepared to engage customers on online platform enabling them to order, track and enjoy their favourite McDonald’s meal.”

In conjunction with the launch of the McDelivery online service, McDonald’s Malaysia will be waiving the delivery fee of each new user’s first 3 orders. On top of that, McDonald’s will also be giving away free 6 piece Chicken McNuggets for all online orders from 1st July for a limited time.

If you don’t already know, McDonald’s McDelivery is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week at selected restaurants nationwide. Currently, 30% of McDonald’s restaurants offer McDelivery service and the coverage area is expected to grow periodically.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s Malaysia’s 1300–13–1300 number will no longer serve as the go-to delivery line as it will now be a dedicated customer support channel to assist customers in placing their McDelivery order online.

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