Malaysians are in the headlines once again for all the wrong reasons.

On 18th June, Honda America posted a photo of various cars painted in the colours of the rainbow, declaring their support for the LGBT community in conjunction with LGBT Pride Month. Sure, it was a nice gesture, but that didn’t stop several Malaysian and Indonesian netizens from “hijacking” the post with debates about sexual orientation.


Various netizens left comments denouncing Honda America for their actions, stating that they won’t be buying any Honda vehicles, but would instead support rivals such as Nissan, Hyundai, Mazda, Toyota, and other car makers that do not “support gays”.

A Facebook user by the name of “Penulis Tanpa Nama (Writer Without A Name)” explained that he was a potential buyer who was interested in the new Honda Civic, but changed his mind since “Honda supports LGBT”. The top comment has garnered 721 likes as of time of writing.

Honda America must have been puzzled by the comment, as they replied by directing the said commenter to a page in order to look for the contact of the Honda corporate office in their country.

Source: Honda's Facebook
Source: Honda’s Facebook

The comment wasn’t the only one condemning Honda America. Others left spiteful comments, saying:

Thanks God, I am driving Nissan. Nissan straight but Honda is gay!

I trade CR-V in for a Hyundai. I will never buy another Honda!

What the hell, how they can produce some baby if they are married same gender.. Our legacy of human will be extinct..

I have Honda. Now I sell my Honda. Than I go buy Proton. Sorry Honda. You gay kunyit I dont like ????


Ohhhhh please… I had to chose between Honda or Madza (Mazda).. Now my decision is clear! Madza (Mazda). Wait? Not in Malaysia? Dont be so narrow minded. Eventually it will come to here… And last thing u know they will fund LGBT here.

The comments section were filled with mixed responses, with half supporting Honda America’s declaration and another half opposing it. However, the good side of netizens shined through, with many being the voice of reason and applauding Honda America for “standing in support” of the LGBT community.

Source: Honda's Facebook
Source: Honda’s Facebook

Our take? Well, we don’t know how so many Malaysians and Indonesians managed to land themselves on Honda America’s Facebook page and complained about something which does not concern them, but we hope that netizens would be more accepting and considerate before leaving insulting and insensitive comments on the interwebs.

Source: Honda’s Facebook page.

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