SISTAR’s (씨스타) “I Like That” is taking the Korean music charts by storm and the girls are already starting their latest album promotions on numerous variety shows.

During Wednesday’s (22nd June) episode of “Radio Star”, the group’s lead vocalist Hyorin (효린) was asked about her intense diss battle with Wonder Girls’ rapper Yubin on Mnet’s hip hop survival programme, “Unpretty Rapstar 2″.

Source: SISTAR's Facebook page
Source: SISTAR’s Facebook page

The female idol group member said that it was hard to go against Yubin at first but when her competitor mentioned other SISTAR’s member, she felt provoked.


“I was only thinking about listening. I felt angry the moment I heard my members’ names. This battle was with me, so I didn’t understand why I had to hear their names. So I responded by telling her stop talking about platonic love between her and Park Jin Young (JYP),” commented Hyorin.

Watch the idols’ diss battle below:

Besides that, the idol star mentioned that she is still unsatisfied with her appearance and wants to go under the knife again.

The singer confessed, “I want to get my nose done and my double eyelids re-done. I want a perfectly high nose like other celebrities. I heard I might look more sharp and cold with a higher nose, but it’s for my own satisfaction. I’d rather regret it afterwards than regretting not getting it done at all”.

Source: SISTAR's Facebook page
Source: SISTAR’s Facebook page

Hyorin made her debut in 2010 through Starship Entertainment’s SISTAR with their first single, “Push Push”. The group have since released several hit tracks such as “Alone”, “Loving You”, “Touch My Body”, and “Shake It”.

What do you think of Hyorin and Yubin’s diss battle? Do you think that Hyorin needs extra work on her face? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Soompi, All Kpop.

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