Many horrifying things can happen in an elevator. And no, we’re not talking about the supernatural; we’re talking about real human behaviours.

You may want to think twice before letting your female family members or friends take the lift alone after watching this CCTV footage of a sexual harassment incident that happened in an elevator recently.

Source: 新闻爆爆看 Facebook page Screenshot
Source: 新闻爆爆看 Facebook page Screenshot

At the beginning of the almost 2-minute video, the said elevator was occupied by a number of people and the victim, who is wearing a pair of black track pants and a ‘tudung” (headscarf), can be seen prominently throughout the whole clip. Then, at 0:17, the suspect (the man in a striped tee) walked into the lift with big red bucket.


All was well until the young victim was left alone with the man at around 1:20. At that point, the girl was standing at the far end (back) of the elevator while the man leaned against the wall, clearly gazing at the girl. He can also be seen touching/holding his crotch area.

The girl then moved towards the door, likely in fear of the man. Just as the elevator doors opened, the man used his legs to block the exit, perhaps in an attempt to stop the girl from getting out. He also tried to reach for her head and shoulder but she managed to swiftly swat his hands away and made a run for it.

At the end of the video, you can hear him shouting at the poor victim.

Source: 新闻爆爆看 Facebook page Screenshot
Source: 新闻爆爆看 Facebook page Screenshot

Many netizens who watched the video took to Facebook warn their female friends about taking elevators alone. One Facebook user from Pahang known as Hyro Yeong commented that sexual harassment has nothing to do with the way girls dress.

“This video tells us that sexual harassment is not about a girl’s dressing. Even if a woman wrap herself like a mummy, she might get molested as well!” he wrote.

Another user named Olivia, a mother of one, also mentioned that she encountered the same situation before. She replied, “A man tried to harass me once. I was bringing my child!”

You can watch the full video in the Facebook post below:


Perverts are getting bolder these days and sexual harassment can happen at any time, just about anywhere. Remember, anyone could be a pervert: an acquaintance, your neighbour, a random man in a car, or even your Sunday school teacher.

Although it’s uncertain when or where the above incident happened, we’d like to remind our readers to be wary of their surroundings at all times.

Source: 新闻爆爆看 Facebook page.

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