Looks like BIGBANG’s (빅뱅) maknae Seungri (승리) has another girl problem!

It was recently reported that the idol star was seen hanging out with popular Taiwanese actor Darren Wang aka Wang Da Lu (王大陸) and a female friend named Maggie on Tuesday (7th June).

Fans and netizens have been attacking Maggie, leaving hateful and nasty comments on her Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, ever since she uploaded a photo of the meet-up session with the 2 male stars.

Source: All Kpop
Source: All Kpop

In her caption, she wrote, “Men come and go, but friends will never leave. Learn how to be thankful and cherish those around you. Thank you, my good friends. Thank you for everything”. 

Many fans of the BIGBANG member expressed their anger on Maggie’s social media once they saw the intimate photos of the trio. One fan commented, “Is she mentally ill? If she wants to be famous, please don’t use our Seungri’s name ok!”

What made fans even angrier is the fact that the idol star himself took to his Weibo to ask fans to stop targeting his friend. “Maggie is really a good friend of mine. Please stop attacking her, thank you,” wrote the singer. A fan noted that Seungri lost 300,000 followers after the status was posted.

Source: All Kpop
Source: All Kpop

Remember Seungri’s partying scandal during his vacation in Taipei, Taiwan? Well, according to some of the netizens’ comments, Maggie is actually the girl who was seen holding his hand outside a club, spurring rumors that they were dating.

Although she explained that her close relationship with celebrities is due to her work as a translator, fans are still not satisfied.

Source: All Kpop

Our take? We reckon that the fans are just a little too jealous of Maggie, and cyber bullying is not okay.

What you do think about the news report? Do you think that Maggie and Seungri deserve the hate they are receiving or are fans being too paranoid? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: All Kpop.

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