It hasn’t been long since U-KISS released their music video for “Stalker”, but one member of the group has given more joy to the world.

U-KISS’ rapper Eli and his wife just welcomed their first baby yesterday (Tuesday, 8th June) afternoon at a hospital in the Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. According to a report by allkpop, both the mother and son are in healthy condition.

Source: soompi
Source: soompi

MH Media, the label in charge of U-KISS, released a statement at around 7pm yesterday informing fans and the public of Eli’s parenthood.


Eli was also reported to be excited and was incredibly happy to see his son. However, he won’t be going on a hiatus, choosing to take care of his family and undergo promotional activities for U-KISS’ latest album, “Stalker”, at the same time.

The U-KISS rapper surprised fans when he revealed that he was already married to a model 11 years his senior in December 2015. He sought for the forgiveness of fans but will “understand if (they) no longer support U-KISS”.


In a fancafe post, he also stated that he “felt like an idiot” as he couldn’t even go to the hospital when his wife fell sick during her pregnancy because of his “idol status”. However, his sincere approach in informing fans led to most of them leaving supportive and positive messages and comments on his social media.

He has since deleted both his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Don’t forget to support Eli by watching U-KISS’ “Stalker” music video here:

For more info, keep a lookout on UKISS’ official Twitter and Facebook page.

Sources: ET Today, SBS.

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