Malaysians, be aware!

It appears that a new type of scam has emerged and many unsuspecting people have been harrassed for the past few weeks.

Apparently, the scammers, posing as “bank officers” from Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), have been calling up victims about their credit card debt and asking them to report to “Bank Negara” with a phone number they provided.

Source: Games of War Real Tips
Source: Games of War Real Tips

Facebook user, SuiKar Nah, took to Facebook to post up a status detailing the scam process with the said phone call and to warn her friends. The “bank officer” told her that she made a transaction, amounting to RM2,000, in Genting Highlands using her BSN credit card. After telling the “bank officer” that she didn’t have a BSN credit card, the swindler then gave her the number of “Bank Negara” to “lodge a report”, which was +603-21683747.

As SuiKar said, if you ever receive a call about your BSN credit card, which you may or may not own, don’t believe them because it could be another “clever” scam. The syndicate also knew her full name and IC number.

She is not the first victim to receive such phone calls. Another Facebook user from Ipoh known as Ken said that the scammer called to inform him about his BSN credit card debts and also provided him the number of “Bank Negara”.

The syndicate members are very cunning and convincing, therefore we urge all our readers to be alert of this. Share this information with your family and friends because they need to know what’s going on.

Sources: SuiKar Nah’s Facebook page, Ken’s Facebook page.

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