iKONics, here’s some good news to ease your Monday blues.

After 4 months, YG Entertainment’s youngest boy group is back again, this time with “#WYD (What You Doing/오늘 모해)“. The digital single and MV was released at midnight today (Monday, 30th May).

Source: barbieoppa via Tumblr
Source: barbieoppa via Tumblr

Kush, producer and long-time friend of G-Dragon, wrote and composed the song while Choice37, a producer for YG Entertainment, composed and arranged the song. iKON rappers Bobby and B.I added their flavours into the song by helping in the songwriting department.


Several ambiguous teasers were released on YG Entertainment‘s social media to hype fans up before the MV release. Photos imitating screenshots of popular messaging app LINE were posted, featuring members B.I, Bobby, and Chanwoo. The messages were seemingly sent by the members to their “girlfriends”.

Before you watch the music video, look at the teasers here and tell us that it didn’t melt your hearts!

Staying true to their teasers, the MV portrays the boys of iKON as “boyfriends” who sweetly showed off their boyish charms while spending time with their on-screen girlfriends.

All of the members were shown with an on-screen girlfriend, with the exception of Junhoe, who nevertheless showed off his cute side by holding a bouquet of flowers while running towards the camera, implying that his “girlfriend” is the viewer.

Watch the adorable music video here:

We’re not sure about you, but iKON’s MV kinda reminds us of BIGBANG’s “Let’s Not Fall In Love“, which held the same MV concept.

iKON is currently busy meeting fans on their “iKONCERT 2016 Showtime Tour in Asia”. They will have their debut concert in Malaysia on 13th August (Saturday) at 7:30pm.


For more info, visit iKON’s official website and Facebook page.

Source: soompi.

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