BIGBANG‘s “MADE” project has come to a conclusion with the release of “Let’s Not Fall In Love”, one of the songs from the August release of their project.

The song is one of the mid-tempo tracks that will be included in the full album. The official music video was released alongside the track as well.

BIGBANG Let's Not Fall In Love


“Let’s Not Fall In Love” is a mellow track written and composed by leader G-Dragon. While its genre is similar to “If You”, which is said to be “the saddest song BIGBANG ever written“, the song highlights his burden and worries when one is falling in love instead. It is also one of those songs that fans will be excited to hear as T.O.P is once again flaunting his singing skills.

As seen in the music video, the members showed their boyish charm while spending time with their crushes. The use of dreamy, pastel colours in the music video depicts the happiness of being in love, but it also showcases their broken-hearted faces after they vow not to fall in love. The use of conversation also added depth and emotion to the mid-tempo track.

Watch the music video below:


Check out the “Let’s Not Fall In Love” MV making film too, while you’re at it! You’re welcome 😉

The group will conclude their promotional activities by releasing the full album on 1st September 2015.


For more information, visit BIGBANG’s Facebook page and Twitter.

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