Korean sensation Hwang Jung Eum is making her grand return to television with a leading role on MBC’s brand new romantic comedy, “Lucky Romance” (운빨로맨스).

Starring alongside the talented Ryu Joon Yeol, this series is set to air on Oh!K (Astro Channel 394).

Lucky Romance Korean Drama


Lucky Romance, originally a webtoon of the same name is a love story about 2 individuals trying to look beyond their differing outlooks on life.

Proving that destiny is not always predetermined, this series follows the life of Shim Bo Nui (played by Hwang Jung Eum), an attractive woman who, while holding a positive outlook in life, is also plagued with a blind faith in superstitions and fortune-telling. In fact, she is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid any misfortune.

As bad luck would have it, she was told that she would face a grave misfortune unless she found a man with a tiger zodiac sign, and had one-night stand with him! The only suitable candidate? Her detestable boss, Je Soo Ho (played by Ryu Joon Yeol), a nerdy CEO of a game developer company.

Lucky Romance KDrama

While seen to be completely incompatible on the surface, the story sees them open up to each other. Will they be able to resolve their animosity before Bo Nui does the unthinkable?

The star-studded duo are recognised for their roles in some of Korea’s popular dramas. Hwang Jung Eum (황정음) played the lead character in many acclaimed TV series including “Kill Me, Heal Me” (2015), “Endless Love” (2014), and “She Was Pretty” (2015). Earlier this year, she took home the “Top Excellence Award for Best Actress in a Mini Series” at the 2015 MBC Drama Awards for her role in She Was Pretty. As for Ryu Joon Yeol (류준열), he kick-started his career as an actor in “Socialphobia” (2015) and took home numerous rising star awards for it. He had his big TV break when he starred in a few notable series including “Reply 1988” (2015) and “The Producers” (2015).

“Lucky Romance” also stars South Korean model and actor Lee Soo Hyuk (이수혁) and actress Lee Chung Ah (이청아).


Be sure to catch the sizzling chemistry between the stars in “Lucky Romance” the same day as Korea on Oh!K (Astro Channel 394). New episodes air every Thursday and Friday at 8:55pm. This series is available in English, Simplified Chinese, and Bahasa Malaysia subtitles.

For more information, please visit OhK-tv.com or Facebook.com/OhKtvAsia.

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