We’ve been waiting anxiously, and now our favourite SHINee singer is back again!

After a few colourful and bizarre music video teasers, Jonghyun, the lead vocalist for SHINee, has finally unveiled his MV for “좋아 (She Is)“.

Source: SM Entertainment
Source: SM Entertainment

As promised, the music video for “좋아 (She Is)” and the studio album of the same name was released by SM Entertainment at midnight of 24th May. The album is Jonghyun’s first full-length studio album and contains a total of 9 tracks, 8 of which was self-composed and written by himself.


The music video was equally as bizarre as the teasers, and we could neither make head nor tails over it. It started with Jonghyun trying to insert a thread into a needle hole, and continued with him doing peculiar acts such as trying to iron a pancake.

We gotta say, we did get a mild headache after watching it!

Source: Hype Malaysia
Source: YouTube Screenshot by Hype Malaysia

This is not to say that the MV wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, as it was splashed with a mix of vivid and bright colours to grab the audience’s attention. The colour yellow was constantly plastered all over the MV too.

Fans were able to see a different side of Jonghyun when the vocalist rapped in the final verse of the song. The singer-songwriter also showed off his dancing chops by dancing in what seems to be a construction site.

Watch the playful music video here:

The song is undeniably catchy, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself humming along to the tune of “좋아 (She Is)“!

Don’t forget to check out Jonghyun’s label mate Amber‘s newly-released single as well!


Source: soompi.

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