Oh dear, poor boy just can’t catch a break. Former EXO member Luhan (鹿晗) is making headlines once again – this time, for allegedly working in Taiwan illegally.

The 26-year-old artiste recently travelled to Taiwan to shoot an episode of “I’m Going To School” (a Chinese variety show) at a school in Taipei. However, he was found to have been on a tourist visa instead of a work visa. Taiwan’s immigration confirmed that such was illegal and Luhan can face up to 5 years of being banned from the country.

Source: luhanpics.blogspot.my
Source: luhanpics.blogspot.my

The immigration stated, “His work as a celebrity with travel visa in Taiwan is illegal and the production will have to explain themselves within the duration of their stay. We will take action after more investigation such as forcing him to leave the country.”


Luhan wasn’t the only person who came under fire for entering Taiwan for work on a tourist visa. 8 of the cast members and 10 of the crew members were also penalised for visiting Taiwan with a tourist visa.

When the news first broke, the “I’m Going To School” production team said through their official SNS account, “Our lack of experience caused a lack of preparation, we will take care of the artist and end the recording safely.”

But perhaps it was an unfortunate lack of foresight that has cost them dearly because not only was the filming cancelled, Luhan has now been banned from the country.

Source: koreaboo.com
Source: koreaboo.com

On 3rd May (Tuesday), various Chinese media outlets reported that the idol has received a 5-year ban from entering Taiwan with a tourist visa, and a 2-year ban from entering Taiwan with a work visa. This essentially means that Luhan will not be able to visit Taiwan for any personal reasons in the next 5 years but will be allowed into the country for business-related purposes after 2 years. Dang 🙁

That having said, the situation is still under investigation with another 1-2 weeks needed before exact repercussions are given. So fingers crossed that Luhan will get out of this one scot-free!

Sources: DispatchKoreaboo, BBC / Featured image: luhanpics.

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