Mila Kunis is back and this time, she’ll be taking on much bada$$-ery – as a mom.

We haven’t had a really good female-fronted comedy in quite a while but “Bad Moms” looks quite promising, judging from the trailer that was just released by STX Entertainment.

Bad Moms Movie
Source: Bad Moms’ Facebook page

As seen in the red band trailer, Mila Kunis plays the leader of 3 stressed-out, suburban homemakers whose sanities have been stretched to a breaking point.


The synopsis is as follows:

“Young Amy Mitchell (played by Mila Kunis) has a great husband, overachieving children, beautiful home and successful career. Unfortunately, she’s also overworked, exhausted and ready to snap. Fed up, she joins forces with two other misfit moms (Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn) to get away from daily life and conventional responsibilities. As the gals go wild with their newfound freedom, they set themselves up for the ultimate showdown with queen bee Gwendolyn (played by Christina Applegate) and her clique of seemingly perfect moms (Jada Pinkett Smith).”

The trailer also gives a sneak peek at Mila Kunis lashing out in a tirade against unrealistic demands placed on her before teaming up with Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn to wage war on Christina Applegate and Jada Pinkett Smith.


Comedy aside, most of the women in the cast are mothers in real life hence we can’t wait to see how their personal experience will add to their characters onscreen. So we can expect a really hilarious showdown, coupled with badly behaved kids and worse behaved adults, alcohol references, wild house parties, and lots of inappropriate conversations/jokes about sex.

“Everyone has a breaking point. I’m so tired of being this perfect mom.”

Watch the ultra hilarious NSFW trailer below:

“Bad Moms” is written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the writers of the “Hangover” movies. The movie is slated to be released in cinemas worldwide on 29th July 2016.


For more information, hit up the movie’s website or Facebook page.

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