On 25th April (Monday), the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau and City Hall launched a brand new identity for Kuala Lumpur to showcase our city’s “contrasting heritage, diverse attractions, as well as its multi-cultural and multi-religious society”.

Now known as “a city of contrasts and diversity”, the new brand for Kuala Lumpur also embodies 3 other attributes: exciting, surprising, and enticing. Along with the announcement came the unveiling of Kuala Lumpur’s new logo:



As seen in the image above, the logo features “KUALA LUMPUR” in greyish lettering with a drop shadow. It also includes the words “exciting.surprising.enticing” and “A City of Contrasts & Diversity” below.

Alas, it was met with negative response from horrified Malaysians and netizens, who poked fun at the design and the words used to describe Kuala Lumpur. “Please don’t do this to our beautiful city,” said one Facebook user. “Did they use Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word to create this? I can do the same in less than 5 minutes!” said another.

In responding to the online criticism, Mayor Datuk Seri Mhd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz said that the idea was not one person’s as it was discussed by all members of the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau who are stakeholders in the tourism industry. Mhd Amin also added that the logo and tagline for Kuala Lumpur can still be fine-tuned.

KL-towers Media Mogul

“It is a start. We still have plans on the promotion of the logo. It will take years to firm up the logo. We are open to improvement, the colour can be changed, anyone who has ideas to improve the logo please do pass the proposal to me so I can table it to the bureau,” he told reporters after attending the Corporate Integrity Signing and Pledge Ceremony with Kuala Lumpur City Hall Contractors here today (28th April, Thursday).

Well, you heard the man. If you’ve got better ideas for a logo and tagline to best represent our beautiful city, you know where to send them in! Visit the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau’s website for more information or e-mail them at [email protected]

Source: Bernama.

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