What a pleasant surprise!

Remember 2 weeks ago when Maxis made the announcement that its current MaxisONE plan users will receive an upgrade for their data quotas with no extra charges? Turns out, the newly upgraded MaxisONE plan is getting even more data!

Lowyat MaxisOne
Source: Lowyat.NET

That’s right peeps, the new MaxisONE revamp is now allowing all current subscribers to enjoy up to 20GB of data. Unlike its other competitors where their offers are only limited to a short-term duration, this auto-upgrade is applicable to all customers permanently for free.


You will still get access to the unlimited calls and SMS bundle for the same fee, while your monthly data is now increased as follows:

  • MaxisONE 98 (RM98/month) 1GB -> 5GB
  • MaxisONE 128 (RM128/month) 3GB -> 8GB -> 10GB
  • MaxisONE 158 (RM158/month) 5GB -> 12GB -> 15GB
  • MaxisONE 188 (RM188/month) 7GB -> 16GB -> 20GB
Source: Soya Cincau

In addition, MaxisONE has also rolled out a new feature called the Data Pool, which basically allows users to share their data with others users. The primary line will have the option of allocating how much data each sub-line gets via the MyMaxis app.

Of course the number of supplementary lines will depend on which MaxisONE plan the MaxisONE subscriber has:

  • MaxisONE 98: 1 MaxisONE Share line
  • MaxisONE 128: 2 MaxisONE Share lines
  • MaxisONE 158: 3 MaxisONE Share lines
  • MaxisONE 188: 4 MaxisONE Share lines
Source: Maxis via Mega Power Tech

As part of the MaxisONE World feature, your family can now use the MaxisONE Data Pool while roaming during your vacation trips when you’re abroad.

To learn more about the Data Pool feature, watch the 90 second clip below:

For more information, visit Maxis’ website or Facebook page.

Sources: Lowyat.NETMega Power TechSoya Cincau.

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