Fans of Japan’s FamilyMart and South Korea’s CU, rejoice! Apparently, the popular convenience store franchise is coming to Malaysia.

According to TRP, QL Resources Bhd’s wholly-owned unit, Maxincome Resources Sdn Bhd, has signed a franchise agreement with Tokyo-based FamilyMart Co Ltd for the development and operation of FamilyMart convenience stores in Malaysia.

FamilyMart Japan

FamilyMart is Japan’s third largest convenience store chain, behind 7-Eleven and Lawson, and used to be the largest chain store in South Korea (now renamed to CU). In Japan, all of the usual Japanese convenience store goods such as basic grocery items, magazines, manga, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks like sake, nikuman, fried chicken, onigiri, and bento are available.


In 2014, it was announced that FamilyMart was slated to launch 1,000 stores overseas in line with their aim to be #1 in Asia with more expansion focused on East Asia and Southeast Asia. China was to get 200-300 additional outlets while Vietnam will see its stores increase from 20 to 100.


In a filing to Bursa Malaysia today (Monday, 11th April), QL Resources said the expansion into the convenience store chain business with the established FamilyMart brand will open up bigger growth opportunities. It is also a strategic downstream expansion of QL’s existing food manufacturing and distribution businesses that creates synergistic effect for the group.

The agreement was for 20 years and renewable for subsequent periods of 20 years each at franchisee’s option. The agreement is also conditional upon successful franchisee registration of Maxincome with Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism.


In Southeast Asia, FamilyMart can be found in Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. As of 31st March 2016, FamilyMart has a whopping total of 17,540 stores in 7 countries worldwide.

The first FamilyMart in Malaysia is expected to open by December 2016.

UPDATE (11th November 2016, 1:55pm):

You guys, Malaysia’s first FamilyMart has finally opened!

Situated at Wisma Lim Foo Yong, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, the Tokyo-based franchise seems promising and many FamilyMart-branded products are available for purchase.


Check out Ken Lau’s post:

Brb, gonna grab some delicious-looking rice balls for lunch 😉

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