We’ve seen what happens when an ugly war takes place in Westeros; the aftermath is always devastating, but that is in the fictional world.

In the real world, the dissension happening in Syria has left millions homeless. Aiming to shine the spotlight on global refugee crisis, the cast members of “Game of Thrones” and HBO have join forces with nonprofit International Rescue Committee (IRC) to raise emergency funds.

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Using the hashtag #RealmToTheRescue, the actors both past and present are hoping fans will feel inspired to make donations and support the charitable cause. The PSA will run throughout the show’s 6th season, with hopes to raise at least US$1 million for charity.

Mass exodus, millions on the move escaping war, famine and destruction. This is no fiction, no fantasy. Every month, hundreds of thousands flee their homes. Refugees. Families. Children. Struggling to stay alive. Real people, now on the most dangerous journey of all,” says the cast in the video.

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According to Rescue.org, 4 million Syrian refugees have fled the country during the on-going war while only an approximate 17,000 have resettled in other countries. IRC is currently offering global humanitarian aid to refugees across several countries including Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Serbia and Greece.

In addition to the donations, the cast members are also auctioning off extra cool items like T-shirts, replicas of Arya Stark’s sword, signed Season 5 posters and a chance to join the cast at the Los Angeles premiere of “Game of Thrones” season 6. You can find out more on that via their Omaze platform.

Watch the campaign’s video below:

For those interested in reading more about the IRC campaign, check out their website here.

Sources: Elite Daily, Entertainment Weekly.

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