We’ve never seen Gareth Emery look more ridiculous and we love it.

The “Concrete Angel” DJ/producer teamed up with fellow English artiste Ashley Wallbridge to release a surprise “side project”, a brand called CVNT5 (pronounced as, yes you guessed it, “cunts”).

Source: facebook.com/WEARECVNT5
Source: facebook.com/WEARECVNT5

The self-titled debut track is pretty impressive – it’s a catchy progressive house beat that’s bound to get you hooked. The music video, on the other hand, well that’s another story.


To start with, it’s both Gareth and Ashley have quite a wardrobe to flash, complete with over-the-top accessories and much too loud coordinations. It’s also very obvious that they’re poking fun at EDM and the new age dance music artistes, such as the (current) world #1 DJs. A huge giveaway is this tweet itself.

The “CVNT5” music video tells a story about 2 dudes (played by Gareth and Ashley) who are aspiring DJs/producers but hire a ghost producer to do all their “dirty work” while they ride the waves of fame and crazy fandom.

Gareth Emery Ashley Wallbridge CVNT5
Source: facebook.com/WEARECVNT5

We get to “witness” firsthand CVNT5’s journey to stardom, complete with a montage of magazine covers, event banners, festival posters, Instagram posts, rapidly increasing followers, and screaming fans, while a producer works behind the scenes on their music.

While CVNT5 is fiction (made a little bit more real with a website and even “official” merchandise), ghost producing is a current and known issue. It’s something that DJs/producers with real talent and dedication struggle with as there’s nothing that they can do about others (read: new age dance music artistes) taking shortcuts via ghost producers.

A for effort, Gaz. This definitely brought tears to our eyes – from laughter:

“CVNT5” is also included in Gareth’s comeback album, “100 Reasons To Live”. Check out the full tracklist here.

For more *cough* information *cough* on CVNT5, hit up their Facebook page.

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