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March is certainly looking good for K-Pop fans because SM Entertainment’s idol girl group Red Velvet (레드벨벳) is ready to make a comeback.

Red Velvet 5-member


In September last year, Red Velvet made a triumphant return with their first full-length album, “The Red“. Since then, they’ve been kept busy with heavy promotions for the title track, “Dumb Dumb“, an uptempo pop song with an addictive hook. “The Red” allowed the girls to show off their vivid and bold image.

Rumours of a Red Velvet comeback first surfaced when the girls were spotted different hair colours at the 5th Gaon K-POP Chart Awards. Some eagle-eyed Netizens also pointed out that Wendy and Yeri had very unnatural-looking hairstyles, fuelling suspicions that they were wearing wigs to prevent any spoilers for the fans.

Red Velvet Wigs

Not too long ago, a rep from SM Entertainment revealed that the group recently wrapped up filming a music video for a new song. The rep also said that Red Velvet was aiming for a March comeback.

And it looks like the girls are right on track because a couple of comeback teaser were just released! Their website was updated with a couple of images – of Yeri wearing a pink dress, Yeri sitting on a bed with soft peach/pink covers, and a poster with details of “The Velvet”.

Check out the images below:

They may or may not be pursuing a “softer” concept this time around (as compared to “The Red”) judging from the first round of teaser images. Also, as seen in the posters, Red Velvet is expected to release “The Velvet” on 16th March (Wednesday).

That’s in less than a week!


It is not known as of yet how many songs will be included in the album, but we’ll keep stalking them/their Instagram for more information 🙂

Source: Koreaboosoompi (1), soompi (2).

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