In July last year, Korean entertainment powerhouse SM Entertainment confirmed that they’ll be “releasing” a new wave of idols. The idols, which would later be part of a group named, “Red Velvet”, consists of 4 members including the members from SM pre-debut team, “SM Rookies” – Wendy, Seulgi, and Irene.

Then, Red Velvet debuted with a song and a dance, and much fanfare alongside their hit single, “Happiness”. The initial impression of the group was nothing short of infectious bubbly-ness and sugary sweet cuteness because of the way their first music video was done. In fact, the girls (Wendy, Seulgi, Irene, and Joy) garnered great response from the fans for their psychedelic concept, said to be a mix of f(x)’s experimental concept and SNSD Girls’ Generation’s mainstream pop concept.

SM New Girl Group Red Velvet

Soon after, the girls made headlines again for their sexy and sultry cover of S.E.S’ “Be Natural”. The pleasant surprise was also warmly received by their fans, with many applauding them for their versatility as well as singing and dancing skills. Red Velvet went on to perform as multiple live stages and music shows, allowing their group’s name to quickly gain traction in the media.


But SM Entertainment wasn’t quite done with dishing out surprises for Red Velvet yet!

Red Velvet Yeri

The agency just announced today, ahead of the girls’ official debut, that an additional member has been added to the group. Of course, this is only coming after all 4 members have taken part in pretty heavy promotional campaigns for the group.

According to akp, the new member (as seen in the picture above) was actually revealed as part of the pre-debut team S.M.ROOKIES and she even performed during the SMTOWN concert in Seoul, August 2014. She’s skilled in not only singing, but also rapping, and dancing. We know, we know – you’ve all grown quite comfortable with Red Velvet being a 4-member group.

But hey, as they all say, the more the merrier 😉

So, you guys, meet Yeri aka the latest member of Red Velvet:

Following the release of the above teaser videos, SM Entertainment also confirmed that Red Velvet’s mini album will be called “Ice Cream Cake”. Lock the 18th March 2015 date down because that’s when these irresistibly new wave of gorgeous idols will finally debut!


For more information, visit Red Velvet’s Facebook page.

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