Last Friday (5th March), 11street Malaysia customer Alans Ng was greeted with a nasty surprise when an item that he ordered from the e-commerce company turned out to be something else.

According to his Facebook post, he had ordered an Apple iPhone 6S 16GB Gold from 11street’s “Shocking Deals” promo on 1st March. The purchase cost him RM2,789 (not including shipping charges), which is about 13% cheaper than the original RRP of RM3,199.

Alans Ng 11street
Source: Alans Ng’s Facebook profile

However, when the Apple iPhone 6S package arrived on 4th March, it contained a silver padlock instead of the “Shocking Deals” phone unit that he had paid good money for. Shocking, indeed.


It’s easy to conclude that the Skynet courier service that delivered his package probably had something to do with it. But according to Alans Ng, the Apple iPhone 6S’s packaging was still sealed when it arrived, with the plastic layer wrapped around the box.

11street Alans Ng iPhone 6S
Source: Alans Ng’s Facebook profile

He then contacted the seller, Ezi Buy Marketing Sdn Bhd, who traced the fraud back to the supplier. Hence, the only party who could’ve altered the product is the supplier because the supplier’s sticker was on the box, under the plastic layer.

“So why did the iPhone become a padlock? I have no idea, but for sure, this is not the seller’s attempt. Just think logically, they will lose everything and will gain nothing from this. There must be something wrong within the supply chain process, and that is subjected to police investigation,” Alans Ng said.

Brightstar iPhone 6S
Source: Alans Ng’s Facebook profile

Alans Ng’s original Facebook post has since been shared over 2,400 times.

Yesterday (Sunday, 6th March), 11street Malaysia posted up an official statement with regards to Alans Ng’s Apple iPhone 6S predicament, confirming that they’ve received his complaint and that there was indeed a fraud. “We regret the inconvenience caused to Mr. Alans and sincerely apologise. Working with the seller, we have reached out to Mr. Alans within 24 hours and have arrived at a resolution to replace his iPhone 6s,” the statement said.

11street iPhone 6S Shocking Deal
Source: Alans Ng’s Facebook profile

“11street takes fraud cases seriously, and as the package arrived sealed and untampered, the case is deemed a criminal offence for potential of stolen goods and we are working with the seller to file a police report for investigation. Mr Alans has kindly agreed to return the padlock as part of the investigation process,” 11street Malaysia added.

11street Malaysia also confirmed that Alans Ng will be picking up a replacement unit at the 11street Malaysia office today (Monday, 7th March).

Sources: Alans Ng’s Facebook post, 11street Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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