Former SNSD Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung (정수연) is finally ready to make a comeback!

In December 2014, news surfaced that Jessica was back in the studio to work on music. At that time, she was seen working on new material with Jermaine Jackson of Jackson 5 fame, also the brother of Michael and Janet Jackson. It went quiet for awhile until a year later, when Jessica told fashion magazine HIGHCUT that she was planning to make a comeback as a singer.

Jessica Jung


Then, on Monday (29th February), it was reported that Jessica has signed with Coridel Entertainment and is ready to begin her domestic activities. In case you didn’t know, Coridel Entertainment is owned by none other than Jessica’s rumoured boyfriend, Tyler Kwon.

Watch her video greeting below:

Upon hearing the news, fans have expected a Korean comeback from the idol but little did they know that they were all in for an even bigger surprise.

Coridel Entertainment later announced that they have signed a partnership contract with a Chinese mass media group called NewStyle-Hairun, and this partnership is expected to support Jessica’s activities in China.

This means that Jessica will be promoting in both South Korea as well as China! And soon, mind you, because according to akp, Jessica will be making a comeback with her first solo album this month. It will also be around the same time that SNSD Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Yuri are rumoured to release their solo projects.


Will Jessica go head-to-head with her former members? Are you excited about their comebacks? What do you think Jessica’s concept will be like?

Sources: akp, soompi / Featured image from Pinterest.

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