Poor Jimmy Kimmel! His cameo in the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has apparently been cut out of the film.

Ben Affleck showed up during a special “After The Oscars” episode of Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC late-night show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” yesterday to promote “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

Ben Affleck Jimmy Kimmel Live


As they proceeded to discuss the film, Jimmy Kimmel said that he was thrilled to have been given a small role in the superhero showdown blockbuster, in which Ben Affleck plays Batman. Unfortunately, Ben Affleck aka Batfleck had to tell him that it was cut. But they both agreed to air the cut scene for the show anyway.

In the scene, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent (played by Henry Cavill) are at a party. Lo and behold, unlike your average superhero fan, Jimmy takes no time at all to immediately recognise Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. He then gets really excited (and also annoying) and demands that they take selfies with him.

Batman v Superman Jimmy Kimmel Live

“You’re Superman,” Jimmy says, before thrusting his phone at Bruce Wayne. “Would you take a picture with us? Get one of me and Supe, I got to get this on the ‘Gram.”

Jimmy also goes on to tell everyone within earshot the secret identity of the heroes, including Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg), who clearly isn’t half as observant as Kimmel. “Hey everybody they’re having a conversation! They don’t want any ‘regular people’ to bother them,” Jimmy yells before running off to make a phone call, only to come back again to shove Periscope into the heroes’ faces.

Will Arnett (aka Lego Batman) makes a quick cameo, along with an actor Jimmy playfully “hates”, whom Ben Affleck smuggled onto the show under his, um, jacket.



“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is slated to be released on 25th March.

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