2016 is shaping up to be the year of superheroes, as Marvel fans are eagerly awaiting for Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) biggest event: Civil War.

Although “Captain America: Civil War” is essentially the sequel to “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, this explosive event will surely shake the foundations of the MCU, as the Avengers are pitted against each other. So which side are you on? #TeamCap, or #TeamIronMan?

Source: Geeks Of Doom
Source: Geeks Of Doom

Not on either end of spectrum are T’Challa a.k.a. Black Panther and Crossbones. Although we see Black Panther fighting on Iron Man’s side in the “Captain America: Civil War” trailer and promos, actor Chadwick Boseman told Empire that his Black Panther character is “not on anybody’s team. It’s my political mission to tame it and get it under control“.


When the superheroes are forced to operate under a political governing body, 2 sides will then form as a result of disagreement. Captain America believes that the Avengers should remain free to defend humanity without government interference, while Tony Stark supports the official oversight. It looks like Black Panther will side with Stark to get the task done but this is merely a collaboration of mutual interest.

black panther
Source: Empire

Speaking of Black Panther, Empire has given us the first look at the King of Wakanda when he is not wearing his superhero costume. And that’s not the only exciting photo. We also got our first look at Crossbones, a.k.a. Brock Rumlow (played by Frank Grillo), the sinister SHIELD agent who was actually working for HYDRA.

We last saw Rumlow in Winter Soldier, where he barely survived the last battle with major burns all over his body. He’s now fully suited up as Crossbones, showered, well fed, and is ready to unleashed hell on Captain America and his team. Rumour has it that he may put an end to Cap. Say it isn’t so!

Source: Empire

In addition, Gwyneth Paltrow will be returning to the MCU in Civil War as Tony Stark’s love interest Virginia “Pepper” Potts. With Potts added to the mix, rest assured, this movie is going to be a very crowded affair.

Her role was reportedly added during reshoots, so it’s safe to say that she probably only a very small part. Nevertheless, we’re equally excited to see her reprising her role again.

“Captain America: Civil War” hits theatres on 6th May 2016.

Sources: Empire Online, Cinema Blend.

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