Winter is coming and so is season 6.

Although we are 2 months shy from the premiere of  “Game Of Thrones” (GoT) Season 6, the powers that be have decided to give GoT fans a little gift to satiate the anticipating thirst of the upcoming season with over 20 new photos. Some of these photos also gives us a glimpse into the fates of our beloved characters – who’s alive, who’s dead, and who’s changed.

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Source: HBO

Jaime Lannister is back in King’s Landing and Cersei’s back in her clothes. The reunion between the siblings does not appear to be particularly happy. Given what happened to Cersei, we’re expecting her to go batshit cray on her quest for revenge. Judging from their look of anguish and distraught, it’s safe to say that Jamie is about to break the news of Myrcella’s fate.


R.I.P. Cersei’s hair.

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In case any of you were wondering, the daughter of Jaime and Cersei, Myrcella Baratheon, is indeed dead. She did not survive the poison on the way back from Dorne. Here, King Tommen and Jamie are standing over her corpse.

Will Tommen continue to be in the dark about Jaime and Cersei’s relationship? We shall see.

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Oh, look who’s back! It’s Isaac Hempstead-Wright as Bran Stark and he is all grown up. We last saw him at the season finale of season 4 when Bran, Hodor, and Meera finally came face-to-face with the cave-dwelling mystical Three-Eyed Raven. Turns out, the Three-Eyed Raven – fused to the roots of the weirwood tree – has been “watching” them the entire time.

Season 6 will see Max von Sydow making his debut as the Three-Eyed Raven and also a mentor in helping the young Stark son hone his Warging skills. The photo above is apparently from a vision sequence. It explains why Bran is able to stand on his own two feet.

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Source: HBO

Meanwhile, Bran’s sister Arya Stark is blind and she’s not too happy about it. The poor girl is looking worse for wear as a result of her punishment after betraying the Faceless Men by murdering Ser Meryn Trant. Is this picture an indication of Arya being banished from House of Black and White?

Arya may be blinded, but perhaps she can now see more than she ever could before.

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Source: HBO

Moving on to another Stark sister, it looks like both Theon “Reek” Greyjoy and Sansa Stark survived the jump from Winterfell’s perilously high walls although Theon might have sprained an ankle there.


Theon and Sansa appear to have escaped the Boltons but will they make it far? Hopefully Sansa’s fate will turn around this season. She has played the victim for far too long. On the other hand, we’re not sure if the Theon is still Reek or maybe he will regain his identity.

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Source: HBO

Shame! Shame!

Wait, is that Benedict Cumberbatch? Nope. That is Septa Unella and Margaery Tyrell is still trap in her cell and the High Sparrow still rules, for now. Natalie Dormer did however drop a few hints about her character’s fate when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last month.

You can check out the entire photo gallery here.

“Game Of Thrones” Season 6 returns to HBO on 24th April.

Sources: Variety, Entertainment Weekly.

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