Move aside, Dubsmash. A new viral mobile app is taking Instagram by storm.

Introducing, Face Swap Live.

Face Swap Live Dad Son
Source: Koreus

As the name would suggest, the app lets you to swap faces with anyone from family to friends, to colleagues at work and celebrities, and even your dog. Basically, you get to wear people’s faces for fun and show it off on Instagram. However creepy that just sounded.


It’s becoming so immensely popular that in the past week, it was the top paid iPhone app in Canada, according to The Chronicle Herald. Face Swap Live has also launched a thousand YouTube videos, Imgur posts, and nightmare memes.

In fact, you may have seen BIGBANG member Taeyang flooding his Instagram with a few face-swapped posts over the Chinese New Year break:

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How does it work?

Face Swap Live features a number of digital illusions: you can either plaster your face onto another person’s head, stitch someone else’s face onto your head, or swap faces with another person in real time. The results are usually so lifelike, it’s like your personal horror flick.

The app is currently available on the App Store, where it’s topping the charts as the number one paid app. We reckon that Face Swap Live will eventually come to Google Play too, by popular demand and all.


Go crazy, peeps!

Sources: The Verge, Tech Insider, The Chronicle Herald / Featured image from Koreus.

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