Now this is going to keep us smiling all of the upcoming long Chinese New Year weekend!

A super cute Pomeranian in Thailand has become a Chinese New Year and Internet sensation after his owner posted a video of him doing the traditional Chinese lion dance. The 2-year-old Pomeranian named Zipplaw first got our attention when we noticed his Facebook video making its rounds on our news feed.

Pomeranian Lion Dance
Source: YouTube screenshot

Zipplaw means “10-wheel truck” in Thai. In English, he’s called “Optimus”. His owner, Natthakrita Brompunya, said that she bought the teeny tiny outfit at a local market. She added that she didn’t expect the video to get so popular.


The video has now been viewed more than 4 million times.

Watch the mad cute video below:

The Chinese lion dance, usually accompanied by loud drum beats and cymbals, is believed to chase away evil spirits. We doubt that Zipplaw’s version of the dance will be able to scare anyone, but go ahead and give your family and friends something to talk about this Chinese New Year. Show ’em this video 😉

Meanwhile, find out if your Chinese zodiac will bring you luck this year via this link!

Source: Reuters.

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