Who out there wants to see George Clooney strip?

Well, Channing Tatum does! While promoting their new Coen Brothers comedy “Hail, Caesar!”, Tatum revealed that he really, really wants Clooney to co-star in the next “Magic Mike” sequel.

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The 35 years old actor admitted that he would do anything to get Clooney on board saying, “If he would do ‘Magic Mike 3’, I will give him all of my part of the money. It’s all yours.


Clooney jokingly replied, “Alright, because, I could use the money.

Although we probably should not expect to see Clooney in a g-string, the Oscar winner may already have his stripper name picked out. When asked to come up with a possible stripper character for Clooney, Tatum suggested that he should go with his actual name, since it’s pretty popular.

Source: India Today

Dissatisfied with Tatum’s suggestion, Clooney offered, “Big George?” The interviewer then suggested using the traditional formula for stripper names where you combine your name of your pet and the name of the street you grew up on.

For Clooney, his answer was Big Boy Fourth Street. Lol 😀

As for Tatum, his stripper name would be Bear Boon. Err not bad, but we think Magic Mike sounds a whole better than, well, Bear Boon.

Watch the interview below:

What about y’all? What would your stripper name be? Drop the most interesting ones in the comments box below 😀


Source: E! Online.

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