We’ve all seen what DJ/producer Avicii could do with Instagram, when he turned something that’s seemingly “static” into an interactive game.

But we bet you’ve never imagined that someone would eventually think of releasing a movie on Instagram now, have you?

Shield 5 Instagram


A short film called “Shield 5” is set to be released on the popular social media platform over the month of February. Dubbed “social cinema” and a groundbreaking way to engage audience online, “Shield 5” it comprises of 28 15-second episodes.

The plot is as follows:

“Security driver John Swift (played by Christian Cooke) is arrested for his involvement in a diamond heist and subsequent death of a colleague. Determined to prove his innocence, he finds himself on the run from both the police and those he believes have framed him. Embroiled in a perilous game of cat and mouse, he tries to evade capture long enough to uncover the truth.”

Each 15-second episode will be accompanied by a photograph that also will be an intrinsic part of the story. “Shield 5” is specifically designed to be consumed in episodic form even though that it will add up to a total of 7 minutes.

Created and directed by Anthony Wilcox (Hello Carter), the film also stars Elliot Gleave, also known as the musician Example. “Shield 5” will be published on Instagram every day at 5pm (GMT).


Join in on the fun via its official hashtag, #shieldfive. For more information on the Instagram film, hit up their official website.

Sources: The Express Tribune, Deadline, BBC.

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