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The South Korean entertainment powerhouse has confirmed their new group, or rather collection of sub-groups, under the umbrella title of NCT, which stands for Neo Culture Technology.

SM Entertainment NCT
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According to AFP, the new idol boy group concept will feature a group with limitless members who can sing in multiple languages and will be based in cities from Asia to Latin America. Aside from singing the same songs in different languages, they will also produce content especially tailored for their particular markets.


The idol group was announced on 27th January at the “SMTOWN: New Culture Technology 2016” conference by SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man.

SM Entertainment's founder and producer, Lee Soo-man, speaks at a presentation of 'SMTOWN: New Culture Technology, 2016' in Seoul on Wednesday, when the company unveiled its new boy-band concept: a group with limitless members, singing in multiple languages and based in cities from Asia to Latin America. (Source: AFP)
SM Entertainment’s founder and producer, Lee Soo-man, speaks at a presentation of ‘SMTOWN: New Culture Technology, 2016’ in Seoul on Wednesday (Source: AFP)

Upon the announcement, Lee Soo Man confirmed that the group already had 40 members, of which a handful would form an initial unit that will start performing in Seoul and Japan in the next few months.

“This is the last stage of the Korean Wave,” Lee declared, saying the idea went beyond “simply exporting K-pop products” to creating join ventures with local companies.

Other NCT incarnations will later be unveiled in major Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai in the second half of the year, followed by “units” in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

The first teaser videos for SM Entertainment’s NCT have also been released. The first, titled “The Origin”, is an abstract video that features a small boy in the desert. The second, titled, “Synchronization of Your Dreams” hints at NCT’s sound and highlights a few of the members showing off their dancing skills.


Check ’em:

Of course, this makes SM Entertainment’s other major groups such as the SNSD Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, and EXO pale in comparison in terms of headcount for each respective group.

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Sources: akp, AFP via MMO, Soompi.

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