About a week ago, controversial producer deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) went off on a tirade on social media, which resulted in him abruptly taking himself off most of his social media platforms.

Well, save for his Instagram account.



He took his Twitter as well as Facebook page down for a couple of days, but not before calling his fans “nothing more than a number” and blaming his problems on social media, the music industry, his brand, money, etc. Let’s just say that it was intense.

It may have been a d*ck move (as they would call it) to many, but he came back some time before Christmas after his brief “social media blackout” and with an apology to boot.

In his Tumblr post, he admitted that he was far from being emotionally stable as he has been dealing with depression. He said that he deactivated social media as a “knee-jerk reaction” to something that he saw coming a long time ago. Whatever that may be.

For now, it does seem like deadmau5 has taken a chill pill as he has apologised, promising to resume letting his fans and supporters in on developments in his career and some small glimpses into his personal life. And more importantly, continue to make music. Like he always have.

Read his full Tumblr post below:

Source: deadmau5.tumblr.com
Click to enlarge (Source: deadmau5.tumblr.com)

Feel better soon, mau5!

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