Warner Bros‘ planned “Batman” solo film may end up being not so solo after all.

According to Latino Review, sources said that Will Smith is in negotiations to make an appearance as Deadshot in the upcoming “Batman” solo film. Nothing is official yet, but if the “Suicide Squad” actor is confirmed to join the movie, it will be for a major role in a “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” scenario.

Source: Cosmic Book News

According to Movie Web, Smith is excited about being part of the DC cinematic universe that he has signed on to make a number of appearances as Deadshot in the DC Extended Universe. The parties involved in this film are reportedly keen on having the actor on board as well.


Ben Affleck‘s Batman will first appear in Warner Bros’ “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice“. He will appear in “Suicide Squad” briefly and you can catch a glimpse of him hanging off the roof of The Joker‘s (played by Jared Leto) sports car in the trailer.

Source: Screen Rant

Smith will be seen next in “Concussion”, which is set to be released on 25th December 2015. The actor will return to reprise his role as agent J in “Men in Black 4“. He is also expected to return for “Bad Boys 3” which is slated for release on 17th February 2017.

So, do you think Smith’s Deadshot will appear in the upcoming “Batman” solo film? Which scene from the original comic books do you think the scenario will be inspired by? Let us know in the comment box below.

Sources: Movie Web, Latino-Review.

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